Why are your 1-1 sessions so expensive?

A question we get asked every other day is ‘why do your 1-1 session cost so much’ well in this video Sarah Jane tells you why she charges what she does.


I wanted to answer a question that we get in our email. We are asked this quite a lot, the question is, “why is it your one to one sessions are so expensive? Why is it I could go to PureGym or somebody else and pay £15 a session, yet your charging £45 a session? Why is it that different?”

Well, there’s some great reasons why. The biggest and the main reason that I charge £45 an hour and actually, I don’t think I charge enough, I really should be, up towards £60 an hour, but I’m in Glasgow. I want to try and keep it accessible and not be elitist. Thus, I keep it at that accessible rate, and £45 is still quite a bit of money, bit of investment, and it’s something that I can realistically work with. So it’s £45 an hour, but you could go somewhere else and get it a lot cheaper. What’s the difference?

Is there a difference? Yeah, a huge difference. For me, I have spent the last 20 years, blood, sweat, tears, learning. I am continuously learning. I’m back at university just now as well, learning. I have never stopped. Blood, sweat, tears and a massive amount of investment in training. Probably over £40,000 now in investment in my training, in the last 20 years to get to this point. I have touched and worked with hundreds of thousands of people now, thousands and thousands of people.

I’ve got all that experience of different ages, shapes, sizes, bodies, ailments that I bring to the table. When you come for the one to one session with me, that is what you’re getting. You are buying that experience, you’re buying my expertise. You’re not buying me just putting you through a series of exercises. That is not what we do here. If you want someone to put you through a series of exercises, we are not the place for you, I am not the trainer for you.

When you come to me, or any of our trainers for a one to one session, it is about you. It’s all about you. We teach the body. We teach the body to move better, to feel better, to be better. We don’t just get you some exercises to do just because that’s the sequence of the pilates exercise. That is not how it works.

I am a Sports Therapist as well as a Palates Teacher, I also genuinely incorporate soft tissue work into my session. Soft tissue work just means I am hands on, I am working with your body, so that may involve you getting on the massage bed, and I am preforming whatever is appropriate for you. That may be some soft of tissue work, some muscle energy technique, some trigger point therapy. It totally depends. But what I can assure you is that it is specifically honed to you.

To answer the question “why am I so much more expensive?” It’s quite simply because you’re paying for that experience, that knowledge and that expertise. Hope that helps.

Sarah Jane Walls