Why 1-1 training needs to be part of your plan

A question we get asked quite a lot in the studio is, “Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis when you have so many great group classes on the timetable and it’s so much more expensive for a one to one session?”

Well, the truth is, that one to one treatment is very specific to you. Group classes are not.

Group classes are exactly that, they are very general, where they will cover the full body and are not specific,to maybe an injury or an area that you’re maybe wanting to work on. So if you have injuries then definitely you should be getting some one to one sessions if you want to get a change.

How often you have your one to one sessions, is quite a difficult one to answer just off the bat, because it depends on so many factors. But definitely generally speaking if you have injuries you should be incorporating some one to one in there if you really truly want to get that injury fixed.

The next reason is, the attention and the focus that’s on you. So whether it’s myself or any of the other fabulous trainers that we have, the teachers that we have gone through so much training.

I have been teaching nearly 20 years now, I can’t believe that. And the amount of time and dedication and hard work, blood, sweat, tears that has gone in to hone these hands, the skill of the eye and the teaching, and understanding the body and understanding what you need. That is what you’re paying for. You’re paying for that 20 years of experience there. That is it. It’s all about you. It is so focused on what your body is needing, not what the masses are needing.

Some of you, as well, might want to learn faster. I know my personality when I join a class, I just want to get in there and get on with it. I can’t be bothered with that learning curve that you have to go through. In our studio in Glasgow we have the Pilates Fundamentals where you’re basically fundamentals until we say you’re not, which is a minimum of 10 classes, reformer classes anyway. But it could be longer than that if you’re not ready to be moved up. So one to one sessions, you definitely move through that fundamental process faster.

So you excel at a much faster rate than someone who is coming and doing classes. Because it’s so general, it’s attention to detail, we’ve obviously got our eyes on lots of people, not just one, so you only get a certain level of time on your body. We are very hands on, we are very tactile in the group classes as well. Depending on your studio, where you train, they may not be. So it really does depend what studio you attend.

And I would say, last but not least, is the progression, how you progress from where you start to where you’re wanting to go, is at a completely different level.
That one to one session is all about you, all about your body, all about what you’re needing. We are training you, we’re training the person, we’re training the body. We’re not just taking you through a series of exercises.
We are specifically choosing movements that your body needs, so it’s very specific. You move through things a lot faster and your results are effectively a lot faster.

So that is why I would recommend that everybody should be at least getting some one to one sessions.

If you have no injuries you should still be getting some check in sessions, whether it is a half hour checkup or whether it’s a full hour. If you’re coming to a lot of classes you want us to be checking in on you on a one to one basis, at least every four to six weeks.

Invest that time, if you’re serious about your own practice and your results, then it really is worth every single penny of investment.

Sarah Jane Walls

If your interested in training with Sarah Jane or any of our teachers please get in touch or book either in our Kinning Park Studio or our 1-1 Private Clinic in Hyndland, West End. Click here for the booking page