5 reasons to do Pilates during pregnancy

  • Strengthen your stomach muscles; Pilates during pregnancies it strengthens your stomach, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it’s a great exercise to do when you’re pregnant, and for the first 3-6 postnatal months when your joints and muscles are still under the effect of the hormone relaxin.
    • Reduce back pain; Pilates exercises your deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor, which help to stabilize your back and pelvis through the many changes that occur through pregnancy. Weaknesses in these muscles can also lead to back or pelvic pain.
    • Strengthen your pelvic floor; As baby grows and moves down it increases pressure on the bladder and bowel, which can lead to stress incontinence, which is leaking small amounts of urine when you cough and sneeze. The pelvic floor also supports the uterus, as well as controlling bladder and bowel function. A stronger pelvic floor can help to maintain control and support your baby. The pelvic floor is important in the birthing process and can often struggle to work efficiently following birth. Pilates can help to regain pelvic floor strength and function.
    • Improve balance; Due to your changing body shape during and after pregnancy, you may feel a little clumsy. Pilates exercises can improve your body awareness and strengthen your core, to improve your balance.
    • Relax; Pilates helps you to relax and control your breathing whilst exercising. This can be useful during pregnancy but also during labour. Remaining relaxed throughout labour and maintaining good breathing control can help you to conserve energy and ensure a good oxygen supply to you and baby

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