6 Week Mat Pilates Beginners Term with Hanna Kilpi

6 Week Mat Pilates Beginners Term with Hanna Kilpi

Beginner Mat Pilates Course
Sat Date: Oct 14 2017Nov 18 2017 From: 10:00 AM11:00 AM
A 6 week mat pilates course that is ideal as a means to introduce yourself to the fundamentals of pilates, a unique movement method that builds the body and moves the body from the bones to the muscles. Using these fundamentals and unique movements, the 6-week programme will develop awareness of mobility and stability in your hips and shoulders and challenge your use of your body through your connection to your core. With better mobility and connections we can build strength and power.

But I already move and do crossfit/boxing/running/weights?

Do you still want to improve specific elements of your movement and strength training? Or do you want to pre-empt or help support your weaknesses or injuries? If so, this is an ideal block for you even if you are already active.
If you have done pilates, you are also welcome! The sessions will help you build your existing fundamentals of the method.

What you get:

The class size will be limited to 10 people which means that the six sessions can be tailored better while still keeping to the pilates fundamentals.
The price will also include a 1:1 posture screening. This is recommended to be had before the first session, latest by session 2. This will help us work with your current body and make it move better for you.

You will also be able to get further discounts on 1:1 mat pilates sessions with Hanna. These can be ideal if you wish to utilise pilates moves that are specific to your needs in your exercise regime and the session can be used to create an initial home exercise programme.

You can book your space on this course here; [hc-hmw snippet=”Courses”]