Baby Yoga – 4 Week Course Starts 10th October

Suitable for babies age 6 weeks – confident crawlers and for mums who have had her 6 week check up / or 12 weeks post partum for mums who have had a Cesarean section.
Baby yoga is an excellent way to spend time and bond with your baby. It is based on the principles of yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice which originated in India over 5000 years ago and brings together movement and breathing techniques and practices to equally energise, centre and relax both mother and baby.
In class we will work together through a series of both physical excerises to develop, lengthen and strengthen muscles and joints, develop coordination and motor skills, and breathing exercises and techniques to allow you to calmand centre your mind, increase positivity and improve the connection between parent and child. It has many physical and emotional benefits for mums and babies.
The practice can help you as a parent develop a stronger connection with your baby and develop a better understanding of both your own and your baby’s bodies, needs and cues and provides knowledge and examples of how to respond to babies cues. It is great for babies as it helps them not only feel safe and secure with the presence of and connection it brings to their parent but also helps them to transition in to the outside world as they grow and develop coordination and motor skills and find their space physically through the movements and posture.

£35 for the 4 week course

You can book your space [hc-hmw snippet=”Courses”]

**Please note**
If signing up to 10th October course dates will run 10th October – 7th November (excluding 31st of October)

If signing up to 21st November course dates will run 21st November – 19th December (excluding 12th December)