What are the benefits of a responsive and strong inner core and pelvic floor?

What are the benefits of a responsive and strong inner core and pelvic floor?
We have an inner core, that is the true stabilizer of your spine. There is no core without the floor, and that is your pelvic floor.
There’s your inner core that looks like a canister sitting inside of you, stabilizing your spine prior to movement. The outer core, are your abdominals, your obliques, and your back muscles. That acts more as a reinforcement. It’s kind of like putting straps on after you’ve closed the suitcase.

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The benefits of having a strong inner core and pelvic floor;

1, Flatter low tummy.
2, Perky bum.
3, Amazing sex.
4, Less pain, knee pain, joint pain, hip pain, neck pain etc.
5, You feeling more together, feeling lifted, pulled up, pulled in, feel light on your feet.
6, The pelvic floor is responsible for holding up all of your organs, we’re talking about 30 pounds of organs here, and guts. You’ve got to have a responsive pelvic floor to hold all of that pressure up so you can have mobility in your legs, and movement, so the other layers of the pelvic floor can do its job.

7, Less leaking. You may notice, as a woman, that sometimes if you cough, laugh, or sneeze, you may have a little bit of urine that leaks out. That all has to do with you inner core and pelvic floor, that is why it’s very important for you to address your inner core and pelvic floor. It’s the trigger of all movement.

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