Black Friday Deals

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Equipment Black Friday Double up offer here (please note – if you are new to Pilates Reformer please book a Fundamentals course prior to coming to any Reformer classes – you can still purchase and bank these classes to attend after you have completed your fundamentals course) Please note Trigger Point Pilates comes under equipment classes.

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Mat Based Classes Double up your classes here

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KSFL Transformational Day
Pick up this amazing 2016 Transformation day today for only £69.00 – be fast. Ends today and we have limited spaces. To find out more about this full day – click here

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Kick Start Fat Loss is like no other diet and health system. You will lose weight and it will be the last diet you ever go on. You will look better, feel better. Healthy is the new Sexy. With our KSFL club starting on January 13th and 16th. The live sessions take place on a Wednesday and Saturday but you don’t need to attend these if other times suit you better. You will receive 3 class passes each week of any class you wish to attend – please note you can not carry classes over weeks – yo must use them in the week – this is to ensure your results. Why not secure your New Year resolutions now and bag this for the New Year. The sessions include a weekly weigh, talk, nutrition help and 3 classes of your choice with us per week for each of the weeks. The Detox can be 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. If you have more weight to lose you will want to take longer to get the weight off. Generally we say 4 weeks per stone you have to lose.


For Black Friday as a deal we will also give you The Rescue Recipes cook book worth £15. At the end of 8 weeks we will be holding a photo shoot with hair and make up provided for your before and after pictures – so just think – by Feb – you can be at least 1 stone lighter possibly 2 depending on your starting point, have more energy and feel amazing on every level.