Brain Based and Clinical Posture Screening

Thank you to those of you that attended the Posture Workshop tonight on the Posture Changes as we Age. I mentioned at the end of the workshop that I would send you details of the clinical screening – some of you also asked for details on the Brain Based Posture Analysis – I have also included a package for both screenings together for £70 a nice little saving.

I don’t want this to be like the diet you have been putting off for the last ten years. Procrastination steals your dreams. We need to take pictures of your posture, and perform some specific tests to accurately evaluate your postural presentation now so we can begin correcting it if we find postural distortion patterns.

Because this is so important, I’m going to offer the price of the postural examination, which is usually £65 for a value of just £40, the Brain based screening normally £75 for £45 or if you want to take both together – £70 – all you need to do is take action and schedule that appointment with me.

You can extend that discounted evaluation to any of your family members if you would like to bring them to have their posture evaluated as well.

Thank you everyone, remember, it’s Posture by design, not by circumstance.

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Here is an example of me delivering a Screening