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If you are interested in doing the course Sam did – you can get more information on it here

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Anna Thorburn

I have been attending classes at the Yoga and Pilates place for 3
months now. I was initially drawn to them because of the variety of
classes and times available. As primarily a yoga practitioner I have
been pleased to discover that Pilates is the perfect compliment to my
practice and I have seen increased flexibility and muscle tone as a
result. All the instructors are slightly different in thier approach
and equally brilliant at correcting your practice when required! All
the staff are eager to please and friendly which creates an
you want to return to. With plenty of offers and a client rewards
scheme that rewards you even for just going to class; TYPP is
everything I need and more. I have already enjoyed a massage from
Louise from the points! Thanks everyone And keep up the good work!!
Anna ( yoga priestess in training )

Anndeep Sandhu

The Yoga and Pilates Place is just amazing! I have tried other yoga/pilates classes at standard gyms and they just do not compare to the classes here. Everything from their range of classes, locations, easy booking system and really friendly team is fantastic. I can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂

See how Sam has got on with her 6 weeks of Pilates with us

If you are interested in doing the course Sam did – you can get more information on it here