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So one of the unique qualities of our studio and private clinic, is we are straight up, honest and won’t lie to you. We won’t hide our prices, make you purchase big expensive packages or hold you into big long contracts. Nope, so what we have done here on this page is try to answer the questions we get most of the time over the phone, in person, email and Facebook. We have a saying here – You Ask We Answer – so please have a look at some of the questions we tend to receive – and see if some help you deciding if we are the right fit for you – and don’t worry, we might not be the right fit – that is totally okay, we have tons of free help and content on this site – so feel free to take what you want – yip for free, that is just pretty much our philosophy – open, helpful, honest, transparent, caring and knowledgeable.

Questions || ANSWERS

I’m new to Pilates where should I start? || CLICK HERE

How do I book classes with you? || CLICK HERE

I am coming to your studio in Kinning Park for the first time – what do I need to know || CLICK HERE

Why should I come to you over another studio that does classes? || CLICK HERE

Why would I want to do 1-1 sessions as part of Pilates – and do I need to do them? || CLICK HERE

How much are 1-1 sessions, and why are your 1-1 sessions higher than what I would expect to pay for a PT in a gym? || CLICK HERE

What is involved in Mat Pilates classes? || CLICK HERE

What is Reformer Pilates? || CLICK HERE

What is Hot Yoga and am I able to come? || CLICK HERE

What is trigger point pilates? || CLICK HERE

What is HIIP? (High Intensity Interval Pilates) || CLICK HERE

How often should I do Pilates or Yoga? || CLICK HERE

Can I come when I am pregnant? || CLICK HERE

When can I come to classes if I have just had a baby, and is it good for me? || CLICK HERE

Can Pilates and Yoga help me with depression? || CLICK HERE

Why should I do Pilates? || CLICK HERE

How does Pilates work? || CLICK HERE

What are the benefits of Pilates? || CLICK HERE

What makes Pilates, Pilates? || CLICK HERE

Is Pilates just for women, can men come? || CLICK HERE

How do I book for 1-1 Appointments? || CLICK HERE

What is your website privacy policy? || CLICK HERE



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