Have a look round the inside of The Yoga Pilates Place

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At The Yoga & Pilates Place we do Yoga and Pilates and we do it to an exceptionally high standard. We are not a big chain, you wont find huge big changing rooms, fancy showers or bars – there are no gimmicks - here you will find a place, a community to come in a relaxed and friendly environment to practice Yoga and the full menu of Pilates classes.

We promise to look after you, to give you the best classes we can – to respect your privacy and to have your wellness first and foremost our priority.

We do Yoga and Pilates and we do it well… its simple… we do what we say on the tin…
Join us and free your body and mind forever.

Why choose us?

We have over seventeen years experience in Pilates, Yoga, Sports Therapy and Movement Therapy.

We teach in small and large classes and 1-1 sessions to cater for all levels and abilities

We are offering results and not quick fixes.

We “Assess and do not Guess” on our consultations, and recommend all new clients see us for an MOT.

We do not know it all and always refer out and work alongside other movement and therapy experts from Physio, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist etc

We suggest you start your journey with us with an MOT, if you are looking to start `Pilates – please look at starting with the Reformer. Please find more information.