Feeling Like Humpty Dumpty – 10 Healthy Habits To Lose The Christmas Bloat

1: Give your food away – Its Charity Tuesday so gather up your food and head down to your local foodbank

and give it away. If you have sugary and carby food hanging around YOU will eat it.

2: Grocery shop online – Create a weekly Kick Start Fat Loss friendly
shopping list & save hours of boring supermarket shopping and get it all delivered.

Save money as you won’t be tempted to impulse buy and keeps your bang on track with your goals.

3: Make a plan – Most people find following a plan really helps motivate them to say on track.

4: Schedule a daily 10minute HIIT workout – Get up 20 minutes earlier,
strap on your sports bra and stay in your pajama bottoms if you like just get in a
10 minute Workout.

How ever the day pans out and whatever happens you can be confident you have already
got your fatburning workout in so you feel less stressed, focussed, happy & confident for the rest of the day.

5: Start your day with pinch of Pink Himalayan Seat salt in bottled water.
Studies show this will help balance the adrenal glands and give you more energy.

6: Gratitude – Start the day with 1 minute of GRATITUDE. Think of all the things you are so happy, grateful and thankful for. Its a great mood enhancer and choose to feel happy knowing you are really looking after yourself.

This is a fabulous mental boost and helps you feel motivated and in the right mindset.

7: Your first meal of the day needs to be lean protein and good fats – Ditch the carb loaded cereals and go for eggs, smoked salmon, avocado or whizz up a greens juice if you have had a juicer for Christmas.

Eat the first meal of the day whenever you like you don’t have to eat the minute you get up. Focus on the food quality.

8: Meal Prep – It’s so cool these days to take your food with you in your tupperwear.

Take 30minutes each evening to prep your food for the next day. Batch cook and load up your slow cooker saves hours of cooking and clearing away and keeps you bang on track.

9: Sleep – Develop a good sleep routine.

Sleep is where the body resets and burns tons of fat. Cut down your screen time in the evening, try a relaxing hot bath with essential oils, sleep in a bat cave & take your iphone out of the room.

10: Take up a Hobby or a class – Make a decision this year to do something NEW. Keeps you mentally alert, focussed and forces you to take a break.

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