Full Body MOT with complimentary deep tissue massage


Do you suffer from postural problems?
Get tension in or around your upper back and shoulders?
Lower back pain?
MOT Graphic
Enjoy this full body screening. You will be given a full body postural analysis; looking at any imbalances you have. You will then be given corrective treatment – this will involve movement and deep tissue massage. You will leave with your full body screening and will be given corrective work to do at home to overcome any imbalances. A fantastic place to get a deeper insight into what is causing you strain on your joints.

Ideal if you are new or returning to exercise. Or if you want to get started in Pilates and or Yoga and would like some attention and plan going forward before you start. You will get 1-1 time with our qualified trainer to allow you to ask any questions you might have.

Booking is done via appointment. Appointments are available – Monday 12pm – 4pm, Tuesday’s all day until 8pm, Wednesday 12pm – 4pm, Thursday all day until 8pm and all day Saturdays.