Go Backwards to Move Forwards in your Pilates Workshop

This 2 hour workshop is for our clients to visit some of the key fundamentals they may have missed on their Pilates journey. As we get Pilates in our bodies we feel better, we change our shape and we de-stress our minds, however for many of us along the way we miss some key fundamentals that will completely change the kind of results we can expect to see. Some of you might struggle with certain moves, you might have an injury you want specific help with.

This workshop is about going backwards to move forwards. To take a look at the basics and ensure we understand and perform them to allow us to leap forwards with our Pilates. This workshop will be done on the mat but also on the Reformer – it is suitable for all levels, but you must have completed at least 10 Mat based classes to attend. There is no minimum fitness level all ages welcome