Happy Healthy BBQing KSFL Style


Its HOT.

Its BBQ time!


Here a quick guide to cooking super duper healthy
meat BBQ stylee…

When BBQing on an open flame or grill meat tastes


Theres always a but..

When the fat from the meat hits the coals it creates
inflammation causing HCA’s & PAH’s

What are HCA’s & PAH’s ?

When smoking, frying or grilling meat, two
carcinogens are produced: heterocyclic amines
(HCAs) & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

HCAs are formed when amino acids & creatine
react at high temperatures.

PAHs are formed when the fat & juices from the meat
are burned
in the flames of the BBQ and then
adhere to the surface of the meat.

When cooked above 320 degrees all meat
produces these compounds.

Cooking at such high temps also damage the

In most cases when you throw your meat on the Bar Bee
you can get a similar texture and taste from grilling slower
& at a lower temperature which produces
much fewer inflammation inducing side effects.

Burning, blackening or charring your meat
will denature the protein, which makes them
irritating to your immune system and really hard to digest.


Don’t let this put you of your BBQ just cook a little slower
and less intense heat and you are good to go!

Happy Wednesday!