Hot Yoga

A fluid interpretation of Bikram Yoga. The sequence captures the traditional 26 poses with a strong influence of fluid movements, options and variations. This is a strong session and takes place in our heated suite (temp av. 36 °C).

Hot Yoga. What is it?

Essentially your working through 26 set poses, and the great thing about this is that those poses stay the same each week, but you can adapt them. You can start from a very basic level and work it right up, but you’re working at your own pace. Jilly Walsh is a fantastic yoga teacher. She is just enchanting. She is just one of those amazing people, that you will relax into her session easily.

It is a hot room, so please be aware that you are going to be coming to a room where you walk in and you feel that heat hitting you. It does allow for your joints, your soft tissue, your ligaments and tendons, to warm up. Your whole body will warm up faster, so you get yourself into those positions and poses a lot more freely than you would in a colder and normal climate class.

Please be aware that if you’re not great with heat, this probably is not the class for you. We would definitely say bring water and absolutely we can’t let you into the class without having brought a towel. You will be dripping after the class. Generally your appearance, you look like you’ve stood under a shower after a class. You’re best with a good towel and plenty of fluids.

First ten minutes are probably quite uncomfortable, but then your body does acclimatize to it and you really just find your breathing and your centering. The heat just intensifies your positioning and what you can actually achieve. Come and try it. It’s either for you or it’s not.