Instructor Training

Comprehensive Pilates teacher-training 450 hours of training on mat and all apparatus to include: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Magic Circle.

Each area is delivered as an individual module with a test out and case study at each stage.

Certification will be awarded after each stage, once a minimum of 450 hours training is completed you can then sit your PMA Certification Pilates Method Alliance.

The PMA Certification Program is the certifying agency within the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), a not for profit professional association, dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates.

The PMA’s mission is to foster community, integrity, and respect for diversity; establish certification and continuing education standards; and promote the Pilates method of exercise.

‘Certification’ as defined by ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence) is ‘a voluntary process by which individuals are assessed against predetermined standards for knowledge, skills, and competencies and granted a time limited credential. The primary purpose of certification is assessment, and the assessment process is independent of a specific course of study or any education, course, or curriculum provider.’

The purpose of the PMA Certification Program is to advance the profession of comprehensive teaching of Pilates by establishing, maintaining, and promoting professional standards, and by awarding the title of PMA Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA®-CPT) to the comprehensively trained Pilates teacher who has provided evidence that he or she meets accepted professional standards.

The PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher creates and implements safe and effective individualized programs for apparently healthy clients to improve health and fitness through exercise and physical activity. The goal of a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher is to impart the knowledge, skill, and confidence for clients to exercise for a lifetime.

By awarding the title of PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, PMA is formally recognizing the Pilates teacher who has provided evidence that he or she meets accepted professional standards.

To achieve certification in the field of Pilates instruction, candidates must pass a 150 item, multiple-choice examination.

Candidates are allowed three hours to complete the exam.