Open Day of Yoga and Pilates on 12th September to support Scotland Supporting Refugees

Join us for a FREE day of Pilates and Yoga and much more on Saturday 12th September. See full timetable here

Sarah Jane the owner of the Yoga Pilates Place is a committee member of Scotland Supporting Refugees – a group of volunteers appalled at the lack of humanitarian response to the plight of refugees arriving in Europe.

We have a number of aims.
First of all, we want to raise awareness of this humanitarian disaster and of opportunities to help.
We also want to campaign for a more coordinated approach from NGOs and others.

But crucially, we want to provide help – fast! Our main focus will be raising funds, both to support our own efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees, but also the valuable work of other organisations – large or small.

We will be donating all money raised to six different charities – 3 charities helping with search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean and 3 charities providing humanitarian relief to refugees in Europe. The 6 charities are MSF, MOAS, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, Red Cross Europe and UNHCR.

Here at The Yoga Pilates Place we are reaching out to our clients to help us make this happen. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. We will be holding a full day of Yoga and Pilates classes with food, drinks and guests on 12th September 10am – 2pm. There will be no charge for the day – all we ask is you donate to the cause. You can book your classes here

If you can’t make the day but would like to donate – please see link below.

Funding page

Thank you, Sarah Jane x

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