Postural Transformation Package

Ideal for you if you have postural problems, are in pain, returning to exercise and need an individual approach. This package with Sarah Jane gives you 1 individual session with Sarah Jane each week working on your bodywork – this will be unique to you. We will use a combination of the Reformer, the Pilates Chair, Half Traps, Foam Rollers and more – your individual plan will be entirely unique to your needs.

You also receive each week 30 minutes of clinical therapy work from Sarah Jane – again this is unique for each client, it will generally include hands on bodywork with massage. This package also gives you full access to all our group classes on an unlimited basis with open gym as and when appropriate. Your plan will be designed to your needs no matter your entry level. Along with the 1-1 time and access to the group classes, you will receive your own home plan each month to continue your work in your own time.

Limited spaces are open for new clients. There are currently 3 openings.


We have two payment options.

You can pay £200 up front HERE

Pay £55 weekly for four weeks HERE


This program is open to run month to month if you wish to continue ongoing. The minimum period is four weeks. If you have class passes or membership – this can be frozen while you are on this package.