Long-Term posture correction requires a 360-degree approach to posture improvement; the 12 Weeks to Better Posture program is exactly that! Throughout these 12 weeks we will be focused on improving the alignment, balance, and movement of your body. More specifically, this program is designed to correct the alignment of your spine, to re-train dysfunctional muscle patterns through restructuring exercises, to lengthen and stretch chronically contracted muscles, and to re-educate your daily posture habits.

Long-term postural correction is obtained with emphasis of three foundational components: alignment, balance, and movement. Thus, this 12-Week program integrates very specific re-alignment techniques through posture correction, and important exercises to improve the movement of your joints and the balance of your body against gravity.

The program is based upon the ABCs of Posture: Alignment, Balance, and Core Control.

12 Weeks to Better Posture Program: The Structure Of Function. You will begin to learn and develop several basic core exercises.

These exercises are fundamental to all the future exercises. It is important that you strive to do these exercises every day, and in a perfect manner. The benefits obtained from this program will only happen if you follow the program as recommended.

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