SJ Client MOT

I want time with you to give you a full MOT

I have been clearing my diary as much as I can to get some quality time with you. I have about 10 places available for this client MOT. This service is only available to clients that train regularly with myself and will not be broadcast wider than the network of clients that attend my sessions. Taking time out and spending this quality session with myself will massively enhance your movement and results.

I will contact you direct to confirm booking time. When you complete checkout you will be directed to an appointment time request. Please complete this and I will arrange to accommodate your time.

Times and Days I generally have time to take your MOT. Tuesday 11.15pm & Tuesday evening 8pm, Wednesday 11.45pm onwards, Wednesday I generally work all day so have appointment space 11.45am -6pm (depending on prior bookings) I then teach until 6pm – 8pm but have appointment space 8pm – 9pm. Thursday 11.15pm. Friday come mid September I will have appointment times available, so please book well in advance so I can accommodate. Weekends I can also accommodate with notice.