Mixed Equipment Studio Pilates (Speciality Class)

Studio Pilates is an excellent Speciality Class that allows you to get your body moving using all of the Pilates equipment – nut just the reformer. This class is suitable for any client that has been attending Reformer classes. We would recommend you have a few classes under your belt before attending this session (prob around 5-10 reformer classes would be a good number).

Why do you want to be in this session?
Okay so this is a small group PT class – that just means its got very low numbers of people in it at the same time – it basically means the teacher can spend more individual time with each of you in the session. Its a much more cost effective way to get great individual focus without paying the price of 1-1. The mixed equipment studio class lets you move your body with all the pilates equipment – this means the barrel, tower and more. It’s not that this is harder – it’s just different 🙂 This is what you would have done in Joe Pilates New York studio.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be experienced in Pilates prior to attending. These classes work with all the Pilates studio equipment – so you get to use the Reformer, Half Trap, Tower, Barrel, Chair and more. It’s how Mr Pilates himself would have had you work out in his studio.

Please note the only requirement of attending is you must have completed your Pilates Reformer Fundamentals. If you have health conditions, we recommend you book one of the team for a 1-1 session.

This class can be booked via the timetable HERE

If you would like to book a 1-1 with one of the Pilates teachers – you can do this here