Terms & Conditions

1. Length of Contract
(a) In the instance of a Studio session the contract period between The Yoga & Pilates Place and the client is limited to the length of that sole session, the client remits only for the cost of that class and has no liability for any extended period.
(b) Where a term/set block of classes has been booked the booking is made between The Yoga & Pilates Place and the client for a period of one session for consecutive periods, the period is usually weekly but is not limited to this. Once this period of consecutive periods has expired there is no longer a contract in place to supply a service between The Yoga & Pilates Place and the client.
(c) Where a membership has been purchased, this membership is governed by The Yoga & Pilates Place Membership Agreement and agreed at point of purchase.

2. Payment for Classes (PAYG)
(a) Payment for Studio sessions will be made at the beginning of each session, either via Reception or our booking system (deduction from allocation), once payment has been made no refunds will be available for the service to the client.
(b) Payment for all classes will be made prior to the start of the class (as per (a)), any failure to remit in full before the commencement of the class will result in your inability to attend, however this may be waived at our discretion. Registering for a class constitutes a new contract between The Yoga & Pilates Place and the client and failure by the client to take up the place will result in The Yoga & Pilates Place requiring payment unless cancellation has been enacted within the correct cancellation window.

3. Memberships
Memberships are governed by The Yoga & Pilates Place Membership Agreement, are for an initial three (3) month term and then rolling month to month after this point. There are multiple categories available that provide different levels of service and cost. Payments for memberships are monthly and made at the commencement of each month (exact date dependent on date of purchase).

4. Health and Suitability
Ultimate responsibility in assessing the suitability and safety of any class, session or exercise must rest upon the client. The Yoga & Pilates Place will endeavour to ensure the client has completed the relevant PAR-Q, if any questions have been answered “yes” the responsibility lies with the client to obtain any necessary professional approval for the suitability of any exercise regime undertaken. It is the responsibility of the client to update and inform The Yoga & Pilates Place of any changes in their specific or general health conditions that may or may not effect the suitability of any exercise regime entered in.

5. Cancellation Policy
(a) The studio operates a strict 24 hour notice of cancellation otherwise full payment will be due. Deal customers should note a 72 hour cancellation policy unless otherwise stated.
(b) There are no refunds for classes or spa appointments missed without proper cancellation and making up the classes elsewhere is at the sole discretion of The Yoga & Pilates Place. Where a block of classes has been booked and the client fails to make payment or changes their mind, payment in full will still be due.