We welcome Jennifer to the coaching team

We are thrilled to welcome Jennifer to the teaching team. Jennifer is originally from Glasgow and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1996. There she married and had three children. She attended mat Pilates classes through Community Education in Minneapolis and loved this unusual method of exercise. She had previously spent many years in Glasgow attending typical 1980/90s aerobic classes and while Pilates didn’t give her the same “high” as an aerobics class, the feeling of length and strength was in itself addictive. In 2009 Jennifer decided to train in how to teach Pilates and it was then that she discovered the Reformer. A machine which, while primitive in style, seemed only available in the more exclusive studios and clubs. She feels strongly that the Reformer should be available to everyone. Jennifer’s training opened the door to teach for a premier Health Club called Lifetime Fitness Athletic Club where she taught for 5 years before moving back to Glasgow. Jennifer will say her style in teaching Pilates is classical with attention to detail and a desire to leave her clients with an overall feeling of wellbeing. She is Comprehensively trained through Peak Pilates in Reformer, Mat, Chair & Barrel and is Certified through Pilates Method Alliance. She believes that Pilates should be available to everyone everywhere and calls it “daily rehab for everything you do in life.” Whether your day involves physically demanding work , sports, hobbies, running after your kids or grandchildren, or sitting every day at a desk. As well as Pilates, Jennifer loves to walk and swim and do whatever her three children (15, 12 & 9yrs) are doing (which she will say, Pilates allows her to do). She loves friends, wine and good conversation. She’s looking forward to meeting the people of The Yoga & Pilates Place and growing in her practice here.