What is HIIP

We have just launched our new High Intensity Interval Pilates classes. These classes are what they sound. They are High Intensity Interval Training, and you’re going to be out of breath, a lot of calories getting burned. They are for people that are serious about losing weight and shaping up. If you want to get your sweat on, this is the class for you. In these classes, you’ll be using a combination of your own body weight, and also in some of them, we might even be using the reformers that you can see here behind me. High Intensity Interval Pilates Training suitable for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used the equipment before. Do not worry. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done Pilates before.

These classes wouldn’t be suitable for anybody with any injuries. These are not for you if you’ve got injuries, but it doesn’t matter if you’re unfit. It’s okay. Unfit to super fit, we will make you work at your right level, but if you’ve got injuries, this isn’t the class for you. Come in and do the Pilates Fundamentals if you have injuries. Now, the classes are 30 minutes long. They are high intensity, a faster series that you are to get in, get out, and keep your metabolic rate high through the next 24 hours. Great if you want to lose weight.

If you’re a current member with us, these classes are included. Whether you’re at an off peak or a mat membership or obviously you’re filling inclusive membership, these classes are included in your membership. If you want just want to pay-as-you-go, they are £7 each, or if you want to buy a bundle, you can buy 5 classes for £25, lots of options there.