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Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

- Jason Crandell -

The Experience of Yoga 

Yoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax and enjoy a personalized yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.

Strength & Cardio Benefits Our yoga classes are designed to benefit your body in ways that will help you move better every day.

Balance Body & Mind Escape from your work week and rediscover a sense of wholeness in our studio.

Variety of Styles Choose from different styles of yoga, from calming Seasonal yoga to highly active Ashtanga yoga, and Hot Yoga..

Meditation Practice In addition to yoga, join us for meditation on Monday evening. 

Regurlar Master Classes Regular events and Master sessions will give you more energy.

Supportive Community Social events and educational seminars throughout the year let you meet other members and build your yoga knowledge.

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Our Classes 

Choose from different class styles to suit your goals and experience level.

Hatha Yoga  

It all starts here. This class will teach you the basics if you're new and provide a lasting foundation for your practice.

Yin Yoga  

Yin yoga is slow and contemplative, perfect for recovering after any kind of strenuous exercise. This generally runs monthly as a Master class.

Prenatal Yoga  

Pregnancy is hard work. Prenatal yoga prepares you for the physical and mental challenges of childbirth. (Please ask for informaion)

Seasonal Yoga

Explore the seasons around you with Yoga. Working on balancing your energy.

Ashtanga Yoga  

If you enjoy intense aerobic workouts but not the stress on your joints, try Ashtanga yoga classes.

Hot Yoga  

38 degrees - Hot Yoga is ideal for detoxing, weight loss, streching and stress reduction. 

Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.

- Amit Ray -

About Us

The Yoga Pilates Place is a community of teachers offering differnt styles of Yoga and Pilates to suit all abilitis. Within the studio we also have our injury clinic offering Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy, with Posture correcting being our speciality. 

We offer classes in Yoga and Pilates - with our Pilates studio being the largest fully equiiped studio in Scotland.

We are small, but perfictly formed offering a safe friendly experinced place to help you Move Better, Feel Better and Look Better.  

Reviews from Our Community 

“I've been a member for two years now. This studio is incredibly well managed by the friendliest people. My practice has developed by leaps and bounds, and I always feel that the instructors are truly listening to my needs."

- John Kerr, member since 2015

“I started attending to rebuild my strength after healing from an injury. The Yoga and Pilates helped me regain my lost flexibility and then some, in just a few months of regular practice! It's the best studio I've found.”

- Lucy Howe, member since 2015

“Trying a new kind of fitness can be intimidating, but I never felt that way at TYPP. All the instructors have a wealth of experience and amazing people skills. Class times are convenient, too—I really get my money's worth from my membership.”

- Julie Hunter, member since 2016

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